Manitoba is introducing our new Manitoba Industry Benefit Plan (MCIP). We are happy to announce that with this change comes: Local representation. Local control and better benefits!

It also allows for some very tangible, immediate improvements including:

  • Improved service controlled by Merit Manitoba
  • Benefits administration right here in our province
  • Enhanced products like:
    • Three levels of Hour bank coverage
    • Owner/Operator coverage
    • Customized products for the construction industry

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Message from the Board Chair

A message from Yvette Milner, President

Dear valued member,

Merit Manitoba is proudly known by our slogan of “benefits built in”. We are well aware that one of the primary reasons you are a member is because of our industry-leading benefits program. It’s on that note, that I am writing this message to our membership with some exciting news.

Feedback from members, and recent events that limit our ability to manage our programs and products, have compelled the Board to make the bold decision to bring our benefits back home to Manitoba.

Your new benefits program will be called the Manitoba Construction Industry Plan (MCIP). More information will be shared with you in the coming days.

We are happy to announce that with this change comes: Local representation. Local control and better benefits!

These are exciting times at Merit Manitoba. We always listen to our members and know that a great benefits plan is a big priority for you. Based on your feedback we are bringing products and services in our new MCIP benefit program that will be of great interest to you and your team.

Rounding out the top reasons you are a member are Merit’s unwavering open-shop advocacy, our education and training programs, tuition bursaries and opportunities to network with other open shop contractors. We are committed to building on these priorities and the future looks bright! Questions? Email -



Yvette Milner

Member Benefits

Board of Directors

Yvette Milner – President (Merit Manitoba), Richard Wilson – Chair (M.D. Steele Construction Ltd), Len Neufeld – Vice-Chair (Three Way Builders Ltd), Connie Glick – Treasurer (M.D. Steele Construction Ltd), Richard Robertson – Past-Chair (Static Electric Ltd), Todd Turner (E F Moon Construction Ltd), Garth Hiebert (Dominion Divers Marine Contractors Ltd), Monique Rajotte (Western Construction Services Ltd), Joe Colbeck (Vector Construction Ltd), John Highmoor (Tri-Core Projects Ltd), Alain MacNair (Bockstael Construction Limited)

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